Build your career!

learnOur approach is that everybody gets the chance to make the best out of their talents. To implement this locally as well as globally, it is especially important for us to have a consistent training programme.

This means we offer support to our employees regarding their personal development in order to carry out their daily tasks optimally as well as to prepare for future roles.

Individual development is a major topic in the yearly performance management and sets objectives for the next reviewing period.

Training and development takes place through:

  • New experiences, either in line with the profession-specific training or further education
  • External or internal training programmes
  • Self-determined learning via research, reading or e-learning tools
  • Development due to constructive feedback through seniors, team-members and colleagues

For our associates this means that – in line with their training as attorneys at law – they will attend specific seminars, international training in the UK and internal local training.

For our support staff and secretaries we offer a range of internal IT-training courses or soft skills training in order to perform day-to-day tasks optimally. Another focus are the language classes – mainly English – which we organize for our support staff and secretaries.